Bachelors’ Degree in Chemical Engineering

Pulchowk campus introduced Bachelor in Chemical Engineering in 2076 B.S. under the Department of Applied Science and Chemical Engineering. The four years course will include theoretical and practical studies along with industrial exposure. The course include three months of internship in various sectors according to students interest and their elective subjects to provide Chemical engineering students with a strong technical education and communication skills that will enable them to have successful careers in a wide range of industrial and professional environments.

In such a short period of time, chemical engineers have made so many major contributions to society that it is difficult to imagine modern life without the large-scale production of antibiotics and other drugs, fertilizers, agricultural chemicals, physiological-compatible polymers for biomedical devices, high-strength polymer composites, synthetic fibers and fabrics, protective coatings, and microelectronic devices. How would our industries work in the absence of environmental control technology, techniques for designing and manufacturing semiconductors, magnetic and optical storage media, and contemporary petroleum processing? All of these technologies need the capacity to generate precisely designed chemicals — and the materials based on them — at a low cost and with minimum environmental effect. Chemical engineering is all about developing this capacity and putting it into practice on a large scale.

Chemical Engineering connects chemistry from the laboratory to industrial production. This requires a wide range of knowledge and skills, from molecular processes and nanotechnology to the design and operation of large industrial plants.